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Other names for digital recruitment are social recruitment and online recruitment. The reason being that digital recruitment itself refers to using technology and upgraded tools to attract potential candidates for hiring either through social media or mobile applications.

Since this is the era of the internet and smartphones, digital recruitment has proven to be handy when it comes to finding, attracting, assessing and hiring potential job candidates. The digital recruitment tools include:

  • Posting jobs on social media platforms
  • Posting jobs on the dedicated job portals
  • Creating a digital job board
  • Taking online assessments
  • Using social recruitment
  • Mobile recruitment

Why go for digital recruitment?

When digital tools take care of the tiring steps of the recruitment process, the human resource professionals can look after the other value-adding activities of their domain.

  • Cloud based digital recruitment solutions make it easy to handle and sift through large pools of data based on candidate information.
  • It becomes easy to screen through the applications and select the most relevant candidates for further screening based on the relevant skills.
  • Chatbots are also gaining popularity to perform the clerical work for the recruiters in the procedure of hiring new employees. This enhances the speed of the process.
  • Another positive feature of the artificial intelligence (AI) used in such chatbots is the wonderful applicant experience. When the applicants apply on a given vacancy posted, these chatbot assistants respond there and then 24/7 through the personalized responses programmed in them. Hence the applicants feel welcomed and attended.
  • If screening or creating lists of candidates is required, digital recruitment tools prove to be very handy.

Benefits of digital recruitment

In contrast to the conventional talent acquisition techniques, digital recruitment gives you a lot of beneficial reasons to go for it.

Reaching the masses:

If you post a job opening in a newspaper, it may only reach a certain locality where that newspaper is floated. In contrast, posting a vacancy digitally gives it an enormous reach. Since the majority of the people today are “online”, digital recruitment has far more chances to attract job candidates as compared to the traditional job posting media.

Easy retrieval of data:

One of the biggest advantages of using digital recruitment methods is the quick and easy retrieval of data. Whenever there is a vacancy, digital tools help the HR personnel to quickly go through the records of candidates.

Speedy process:

With computerised digital recruitment tools, the lengthy and tedious recruitment process becomes less time consuming, easier and more efficient.

Decreased chance of error:

Whenever a task is performed by a human being, there is a chance of human error. When the task is assigned to a machine, the chance of error is reduced. Similarly, with the basic functions of recruitment being performed by digital recruitment tools, the chance of human error is lessened.

Reduced effort:

If the entire recruitment process is performed manually, it requires a great amount of time and energy. With digital recruitment by your side, many of the laborious tasks are performed as easily as a simple click.

Ease for the applicants:

As described earlier, digital recruitment saves time and energy at the applicant’s end as well. It provides round the clock service and quick responses which results in a positive application experience.

Initial screening:

The trend of initial telephonic interviews and online interviews is becoming common now. The digital age has digital methods to save cost, time and energy. In this way, the candidates not fit for the position are screened out without having to invite them over. This saves both the parties their time and cost.

Digital assessment:

There are various tools available to test the applicants online and get an idea of their skill set and qualification. After the applicants attend the online assessments, the recruiters can easily scrutinize the high potential candidates and weed out the low performers.

Cost efficiency:

Why is it so that the majority of the big companies are moving towards digital recruitment methods from the traditional talent acquisition techniques? Besides all the above mentioned benefits, these modern day recruitment solutions save on the unnecessary recruitment costs by improving the efficiency of the entire process.

Covid 19 and digital recruitment

As we all know that the entire world is going through the upheaval caused by the pandemic, Human Resource discipline has also witnessed great challenges. Luckily, technology supported the falling structures during this chaos. Human resource areas, in general, and recruitment in particular were also supported by technology to a great extent. A large number of people lost their jobs in the hands of covid 19 virus and its aftermath. On the other hand, it became very difficult for employers to search for the right candidates for the right positions. Digital recruitment tools and techniques helped both the parties.

The job vacancies are being posted online on various platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or dedicated job portals. Live face to face job interviews are possible through Skype, zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook video calls. Employment letters can be emailed instead of traditional mailing. Above all, remote working style is gaining popularity amid pandemic situation. Smart recruiters and job hunters of modern times are adopting digital solutions to create perfect job-person fit.

Tips for an effective digital recruitment strategy

Here we give you a few quick tips for making your digital recruitment strategy as effective as you want it to be.

  1. Be relevant in your content.
  2. “Mystery shop” your website or application.
  3. Communicate how and why you are the best employer to work with.
  4. Utilize online assessments that suit the best to your corporate culture and the situations expected to arrive in a given job.
  5. Welcome feedback.
  6. Don’t use every selection tool just for the sake of it. Select and employ the relevant digital recruitment tools to help you select the best employees.
  7. It is good that you have upgraded your softwares and hardwares for digital recruitment. It is better to train your humanware as well to make the best out of it.
  8. Keep records. The data may serve you in future.

If you want to get on the digital rail of recruitment, our team of professionals is here to help.

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