List of some common frequently asked questions related or concerned queries which are answered in a simple manner. We tried our best to cater all questions here and if you find any missing do contact us through contact page to get the answer to any new query you have.

What industries does iBrand Digital serve?

We serves most industries, as business technology is common across industry verticals. We also have specialized knowledge in the needs of industries that have special compliance requirements, such as real estate, dental, medical, legal, and accounting industries as well as specific support systems designed to support oil and gas and transportation industries that make us a particularly strong partner.

Does iBrand Digital provide afterhours emergency support?

Yes, iBrand Digital promises each customer based on their purchase plans & packages where we provides 6x16 support.

What kind of service response can I expect?

We guarantees 1-hour response but the typical response is measured in minutes.

What differentiates iBrand Digital? Why Should I Choose You?

iBrand Digital is a committed partner with a strong focus on service. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your business and your customers so that we can customize our service to you and ensure that you are able to provide that same commitment to your customers. We are dedicated to providing predictability of service, cost certainty, and responsiveness. Our organizational maturity, extensive senior talent, expertise, and effective systems will help you achieve your business goals.

Does iBrand Digital support the Cloud?

iBrand Digital Team provides private, secure cloud services as well as public cloud services through Microsoft Azure, AWS, Buzinessware. We offer hybrid choices that best meet your company and your budget needs.

What geographic area do you support?

We are centered in Toronto, Ontario Area but we support all world countries where we work remotely with secure environments and tools for deliveries.

Do you provide custom payment option if we dont like any of your packages?

Yes, we give our clients the most ease in paying for their services therefore, we have a custom payment page ready on request where they can pay us through Stripe & PayPal options available.

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