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When you read the words ‘Email marketing‘ in the title of this post, you might be thinking that it’s an old-school thing. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and YouTube, SEO and affiliate marketing programs etc have taken over the marketing arena. It is true that social media have become the new marketing field of today. But, let me tell you, email marketing is STILL the most effective channel for marketing. You may take a minute to digest it.

A study in 2019 states it’s figures as below.

Email marketing data

It supports the fact that email takes the lead in how customers communicate with the organizations. If the customer already has an email by the relevant organizations in the inbox, the communication is further facilitated.

Advantages of email marketing:

  1. Email marketing is easy to start. You do not have to be a very high-tech marketer and you do not require a big team to get started.
  2. Your email message can consist of plain text, pictures or videos as suited to the purpose and the market. In this way, the message can be communicated effectively.
  3. Targeting becomes easier with email marketing. Since the email messages land directly into the inbox of the desired person, you don’t need to mass market to reach your market.
  4. Email marketing results in lower cost as compared to traditional mass marketing channels.
  5. The beauty of email marketing lies in the fact that it is directed towards the audience who are already engaged. The audience subscribes to receive the messages on their own. Hence their willingness to be the target audience is already in place.
  6. If you segment your email list before sending a uniform message throughout the channel, you can smartly send targeted messages to targeted chunks of the audience. This would increase the likelihood of being able to connect better to the needs and wants of the customers.
  7. Emails are easy to share, hence a happy or interested subscriber can share it with others sharing the same interest group without any hassle.
  8. Conversion rates are easy to track and measure with the help of dedicated softwares and tools. Another plus point!
  9. Last but not the least, email marketing can drive handsome revenues if implemented effectively.

Tips for effective email marketing:

Having said that, you might still be thinking about all of the piles of emails in your inbox that you haven’t even opened till date. Those could be a few examples of inappropriate or irrelevant email marketing, not generalizable for this entire marketing channel. There are a lot of email marketing services in Canada but not all of those are producing effective email marketing strategies. Let us guide you through tips to make your email marketing strategy successful.

Don’t forget it’s the “mobile” era

This is 2021 – the era of smartphones. The number of people using mobile phones for various official and unofficial tasks, that were previously performed on laptop or tablet, are increasing day by day. People like to browse more through their mobile phones on the go. Hence, the interface of your email should be mobile phone – friendly.

Know the purpose

Be it email marketing, or any other form, you must know the purpose of doing it. As simple as it seems, it is not a step to miss. Chalk down your purpose of email marketing and display it somewhere. It will help you and your team to stay focused and head in the right direction. Any deviation would be easy to identify and rectify.

Be relevant

Relevance is relevant in two ways here. Know your audience and make sure your email reaches the relevant audience. Secondly, the content in your emails must be relevant to your purpose and in line with the interests of your target market.

Be concise

While writing an email marketing copy, you must have in mind that “less is more”. You must be able to write brief and concise messages without missing out on any important information that you want to deliver. As we have discussed earlier, most emails are opened on phones on the go, people do not want to read full fledged articles in their inbox.

Content is the key

Remember while writing an email copy, the reader has a hidden question in his mind: “what’s in there for me?” Answer this covert question with providing valuable information that the reader may wish to read or know about. The content must be good enough to hook the reader and leave him wanting for more in the following emails. Don’t write the content for the sake of it. Be creative and informative. This is your chance to add value to the life of customers and your brand consequently.

Use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence aka AI is not there to scare away the traditional marketeers but to help them simplify their task. It helps in areas like predictive personalization, smart segmentation, automated workflow, optimized subject line and content of the email, optimization of sending time and frequency, A/B testing and analytics. In case you need help with this, our team of technical professionals would be happy to guide.

Add call to action

Don’t leave your subscribers wanting to turn into customers without guiding them how to do it. Always add a call to action near the end of your email message so the receiver does not have to go through the hassle of going to the website, finding the required product or feature and so on. Provide a link.

Make the entry easy, and exit easier

Always give subscribers the option to leave if they want. Each email should have the link to unsubscribe. Do not try to hold onto those who are no longer interested. After all, they are not going to benefit you in any way. “Let it go… let it go!” Email marketing offers a great potential, only if you do it right. In case you need help, our team providing the best email marketing services in Canada is pleased to assist you.

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