Digital marketing for non-profits
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Digital marketing for non-profits With the advent of the internet, technology, computer and smartphones, everything has changed. conventional modes of communication and marketing have been largely replaced by the latest tools and techniques that are majorly based on social media and digital channels.

The upside of using digital marketing for non-profits techniques include lower costs, larger reach, interactivity, ease of use, accurate targeting, quick feedback, efficient customer service, and many more. Where digital marketing is benefitting the for-profit organizations at a large scale, non profit organizations are no exception. Digital marketing for nonprofits has opened new horizons of hope for the dependents of these organizations.

Why do Non-profit organizations need Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing for non-profit organizations are increasing in number at rapid speed. In such a scenario, one must stand out in his marketing efforts in order to stand out in the crowd. As nonprofit organizations depend upon donations and charity to serve their specific cause, they must be visible and their cause be clear to the potential donors. As it is commonly said, “out of sight – out of mind”, it is imperative to stay “in sight” to generate funds.

Digital marketing channels are serving the nonprofit organizations to communicate their cause to the public in the most effective and efficient manner. That is why the trend is rapidly shifting towards digital marketing for nonprofit organizations.

Benefits of digital marketing for non-profits:

Let us briefly make you go through the benefits of digital marketing for nonprofits.

Cost saving: Traditionally, nonprofits had to spend hefty amounts on telemarketing, printing, mailing, volunteers and other mainstream marketing channels. Now, creating a nonprofit digital strategy is saving dollars for them. A well designed updated website and active social media pages run the campaigns more effectively and efficiently.

Better reach: Digital and social media marketing results in reaching the audience in a better and more effective way. This helps nonprofits to communicate their cause to the greater public in less investment.

Better targeting: It is possible for the not-for-profit organizations to hit the bull’s eye in generating funds for the cause. Since digital marketing gives you data to precisely contact the potential donors, it saves time, cost and effort and results in better targeting.

Interactivity: Trust is VERY important when it comes to nonprofit organizations. Once you lose trust, you lose it all. The feature of interactivity, that digital marketing has to offer, proves very helpful to build and maintain trust. The donors can share if they have any reservations and you can clarify right away.

The GREEN aspect: If on one hand, you’re the good guy working for the welfare of the society, then on the other hand you should not be proving to be heavy on trees and the planet. If you do a lot of printing and use a lot of paper while working on the cause, you should think again. Luckily, digital marketing for nonprofits gives them the green edge as well keeping the paper usage at minimum. It keeps your conscience happy and you can use it intelligently in your marketing campaign as well.

Digital Marketing: For profit vs non-profit organizations:

Though the main features and benefits of digital marketing for non-profit are the same for for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, the difference lies in the following domains.

Marketing budget:

For-profit organizations usually have a larger marketing budget as compared to nonprofits. They can easily afford more expensive mediums to market their products or services. On the other hand, nonprofit organizations may not afford to go for tv or radio advertisements. Outdoor campaigns are also very costly. Digital marketing, in comparison, proves to be less costly and gives the nonprofits the opportunity to effectively market their cause, without spending a lot.

Marketing focus:

The core difference lies in the focus of both sorts of the organizations. Commercial organizations have to market their goods or services whereas nonprofits focus on the cause they are working for. Therefore, the digital marketing plan for nonprofits should revolve around the cause, instead of marketing the organization itself. The marketing message should have the emotional feel to solve the cause, rather than focusing on the needs, wants or fears of the customers.

Reason of existence:

While creating a nonprofit digital strategy, one should keep in mind that the reason for the existence of nonprofits is different from that of the forprofits. The for-profits exist for profitability, growth and success for themselves. In contrast, nonprofit organizations work to generate funds so that the needy can be served. They do not exist for themselves but for others. This should be at the core of and reflected by their digital marketing strategy.

5 Nonprofit Digital Marketing for Non-profit Trends in 2021:

2021 is still the pandemic era. Instead of getting back to normal, we are adjusting with the new normal. Digital services for the nonprofit organizations should do the same, keeping in mind the new trends:

  • It is as important to build and maintain a good quality and user-friendly website as drawing traffic towards it. It is your key to success.
  • Since your audience is the Gen Z who spend most of their time online, you should focus and invest more in digital and social marketing than on the conventional marketing channels.
  • The internet is full of content so your content must be of supreme quality in order to stand out. Create useful, meaningful and attention grabbing content to engage your audience.
  • Facilitate the donors. Your website should be easily accessible and friendly to use. Add the option to donate on the website right away so the donors can complete their action without any hassle.
  • Make friends with the new technology trends. Use the latest marketing channels like webinars, online events, downloadable literature and social media platforms to connect to your audience.

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