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Website Speed & Optimization Services

The website speed makes the first impression about your business. It’s essential to understand that you won’t get a second chance when it comes to user experience.  Low website speed is one of the most frustrating things that will turn people off about your resource.


Website Speed and Optimization Services

What We Do

Optimize Images

Reducing image sizes without any bargain over quality will reduce the 35% burden of your website. Yes, it’s true!

Theme & Plugins Analysis

Current plugins on your website may have a better alternative so we analyze website plugins and provide better solutions for it.

Optimize HTML Code

We optimizing HTML code to ensure that your website has proper minified & w3 validated HTML codes.

Optimize CSS & JavaScript Files

Unnecessary JavaScript and CSS files can slow the website. Our team remove all unnecessary files and minimizing the size of the required files.

CDN Setup

Cloud Delivery Network (CDN) implementation is an advanced technique to improve load time. It is implemented over static files like CSS, JavaScript, and images.

Caching System

long with loading time, your website also needs a boost for response time. We implement efficient caching at the server and browser level to boost Time to First Byte (TTFB).

Hosting Server Analysis

We analyze your server to ensure it is not your case and inform you if issues are from the hosting segment so you can take better decisions.

Database Tuning

Our experts will instantly remove unnecessary junk data from your database and database overhead on your website.

Remove Unused Code

When it is unused till now, implies your website doesn’t need it at all! Removal of unused code saves bytes and decreases bandwidth use, shrinks site size.

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Website speed